At Coolfi, our homemade Kulfi marries both classic flavours and modern twists.


Rich, creamy Kulfi with hints of vanilla and cardamom.

Pineapple & Chilli

For those that enjoy a kick in their dessert pineapple and a hint of chilli give this kulfi a unique taste.


Luxurious kulfi, with rich mango. A taste of the tropics right here.

Coffee & Cinnamon

Yes – cream coffee and cinnamon. Try it, you’ll love it.


Chocolate lovers delight! Addictive chocolate to give you that pampered feeling.

Rum & Raisin

Try the Indian version. Not just a flavour, more an experience.


You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. Real pistachio, covered with luxurious, creamy goodness.


Yep, a taste of Caribbean – coconut, hints of rose and our luxury Kulfi recipe. Can you resist this?